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  Barold Freeman Consulting LLC is a consulting firm specializing in data collection technology, data management, and conjoint analysis methodologies.  
Barry T. Radler, PhD

Barry is an expert in applied social research, the result of a career steeped in the behavioral sciences. Barry has provided consultation for academia, business, government since 1992.

Understanding the practical realities involved in using advanced quantitative methods to guide strategic business decision-making, Barry listens to clients and works with them to deliver actionable recommendations.

Since 2001, Barry has partnered with Action Based Research to administer web surveys for market segmentation, perceptual mapping, and product-line development studies. Barry developed an online research methodology for the UW Division of Information Technology. In the process he conducted numerous online surveys. 

Barry’s interests include the fundamentals of persuasion, mass media effects, and human information processing. His work has been published in peer-reviewed journals such as Communication Research, Media Psychology and the Journal of Official Statistics.

Barry has lived and worked in Madison, Wisconsin since 1995.


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